Relief for Estelle Moran who has a job after 200 rejections




A major car accident crushed her back and knee ligaments and left Estelle Moran on crutches for almost three months, but it didn’t break her spirit.

Even after almost 200 job rejections the Mount Warrigal woman refused to be defeated and through sheer dogged determination persisted until she got a job.

The team from Jobfind Warilla played their part in making this happen.

But it was Ms Moran’s determination to do “whatever it takes’’ which finally shone through and secured her a job with Warilla carpet wholesalers, Carpet Court.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time for Ms Moran, who has had some depression and anxiety throughout her life, which resurfaced after her car accident in July.

“It was a big relief,’’ the 30-year-old said.

“It was difficult getting all those rejections. There was a period when I got offered jobs but then they turned around and said they didn’t offer them to me.

“But, I just kept going because I desperately wanted to work.

“I was going on Job Search every day applying for jobs as well as on Gumtree. I also even started cold emailing businesses as well.

“It is possible to find a job if you apply yourself. You have to really want to work and just be as determined as possible to see it through.’’

Ms Moran was working for a travel agency prior to the car accident. Unable to work for the next four months she was referred to disability employment service Jobfind in October.

The free service helps people with physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as those with mental health issues, get back into the workforce.

A Jobfind spokesman said Ms Moran was on the less severe side of the disability spectrum.

“But her determination to get back into employment after being concussed and sustaining a knee injury in a serious motor vehicle accident is quite inspirational,’’ he said.

From late October to mid-November Ms Moran sent away 192 job applications and attended or did 60 over-the-phone interviews without any luck.

But two weeks ago she caught a break and was hired by Kathy and Keith Coleman to work in their Warilla carpet store. Ms Moran’s duties include administration, customer service and IT.

“I love it and am so grateful to Kathy and Keith for putting me on,’’ she said. “I’m also very grateful to Adeane and Cathy from Jobfind and bought them flowers to say thank you.”