John wants a ‘work Mate’

John Mate is a 60 year old local from Wollongong who loves AFL, he is a dedicated worker for his local club and is held in high esteem by his mates.

However whilst his football club mates love him he is seeking his next career move so he can add a few workmates to the list of people who think he is great guy.

Jobfind Employment Consultant Ian Mackintosh outlined John’s qualifications and experience.

“John has extensive experience which is supported by multiple machine operation tickets for crane, excavator, rigger and dog man machines He also has a HC truck driving license and worked as a scaffolder.

John has a few challenges with his shoulder and knee however as long as he has the opportunity to alternatively stand and sit and do some stretches he would be a fantastic addition to any workplace.”

John is held in such high regard by his local football club they are organising to raise funds to help him gain a vehicle to assist with his employment journey in particular so that he can be considered for roles where public transport is an issue.

John is humbled by the efforts of his football club mates and has been ecstatic by the support being given by Jobfind.

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by such supportive people, the football club are a great family fraternity and working with Jobfind has given me the confidence to find employment again.”

Jobfind is proud to announce John Mate as our Job Seeker of the Week.



For further enquiries contact GM of Marketing, Media & Development Scott Longmuir on 0430 700 672.