Jobfind opens in Liverpool, Auburn, Cairns and Darwin

Five star disability employment services provider, Jobfind Centres Australia, opened new offices in Liverpool, Auburn, Cairns and Darwin on 2 July.

Jobfind, part of the Angus Knight Group, was awarded its five star status by the Department of Social Security for its comprehensive commitment to supporting job seekers with disabilities find employment and stay employed.

Five Star Service comes to Liverpool, Auburn, Cairns and Darwin

CEO of Jobfind, Michael Hobday, said the appointment of Jobfind by the government to the panel of disability employment services in the four new areas would allow for more people to access their services in their journey to paid employment.

“Our job seekers come from all walks of life – school leavers to mature age people returning to work after an illness – and they need a wide range of support to get the job they want,” he said.

“Our job readiness programs take advantage of the latest in technology to get our job seekers ready for work quicker.

“This includes our purpose built app which helps applicants stay connected, undertake online training, keep their calendar up to date and find out about the latest jobs on offer.

“We are delighted to be able to bring our first rate service to the people of Western Sydney, Cairns and Darwin.”

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