Jobfind Job seeker of the week turns a negative into a positive in quick style

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a positive attitude, determination and a little bit of support from the Jobfind team.


Last week  Jobfind Regional Employment Relationship manager Eddie Goncalves met a new job seeker, The Ngyuen.


Eddie recalled Mr Ngyuen had been let go from his job due to a down turn in trade which resulted in Mr Ngyuen being concerned that he wouldn’t get another job because of his age.


“Mr Ngyuen came in really flat, but still hungry for work. I had a few different employment opportunities that suited Mr Ngyuen skill set, so after a few phone calls then an interview, Mr Ngyuen was offered a job and started work on the following Monday.”


“We also assisted him with the purchase of a new pair of boots and some work pants to ensure he was completely prepared to start his new role.”


Eddie added: “He was so happy, I hadn’t seen such a big smile from a participant ever!


His smile was priceless and really made the whole office light up.“


Mr Ngyuen said: “I’m nearly 60 and a number of people said I wouldn’t get a job, but that’s not true, thanks to the support of Jobfind.”


These type of outcomes are what the Jobfind team live for, so we are proud to announce Mr The Ngyuen as the Jobfind Job seeker of the week.



End of release: For further enquiries call Scott Longmuir GM Marketing, Media & Development on 0430 700 672.