Job Seeker of the Week

Fasiu Jone totally represents the power of positivity and a can do attitude. His wealth of experience and knowledge comes through with a powerful and unassuming nature of over 20 years as a Manager and Director within Fiji and Australia and within the Hotel and Travel industry.

He boasts Shangri-La Fijian Resort Hotel, All Seasons Hotel and  the Fiji Visitors Bureau To name just a few.

Siting in a room for 20 minutes with Fasiu, one can’t help but be inspired. The life this man has led, you just want to keep listening and know more, it’s like your favourite story as a kid. Fasiu has shown an incredible amount of resilience, determination and heart with the obstacles life has put forward to him and still he remains humble. Fasiu’s motivation and work ethic is something out of this world.