In My Shoes

In My Shoes is teaching employers and employees about respect, communication, diversity and how to build more inclusive workplaces.

Let’s face it – sometimes working is hard!

We all have experienced times where work throws out a challenge that seem insurmountable. For a person with disability, this challenge can also be affected by environment, culture, technology or social norms.

In some roles having a disability, illness or injury can impede on how a person carries out their work. This could include needed additional equipment or technology to assist in daily tasks, having different working hours, modifying an office layout and even cultural training to provide a more inclusive environment amongst all staff.

Have you ever experienced what it is like to be in someone’s shoes?

In My Shoes encourages employers to live one of their employee’s experience through our own eyes – to help foster understanding, empathy and create ideas to have more inclusive workplaces.

International Day of People with Disability is on Monday 3 December and this year’s theme is to empower persons with disability to ensure inclusiveness and equality.

In My Shoes, an event run by Jobfind, encouraging employers to swap job roles with an employee with disability for the day. It highlights both the challenges that the employee faces in their daily life and how they may be impacted on normal work tasks.

For the employee, it gives them a unique opportunity to see what the employer undertakes to drive the business but also create a great working team to achieve business goals. It also presents opportunities to have a conversation about what can be done to create a working environment for all.

In My Shoes helps to understand each other a bit better, how each role is important for the company and foster communication, respect and inclusiveness.

Registration is free. If you would like to participate register at In My Shoes. We would love to hear your story and what In My Shoes taught you about your workplace. #idpwd #inmyshoes2018

Do you want to promote In My Shoes in your workplace – email [email protected].

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