Caring employer ready to expand & always willing to give people a go


Jobfind is a leading provider of employment services for jobseekers with a disability, injury or an ongoing health condition.


Whilst we provide workforce solutions for NSW businesses, our consultants can face preconceived ideas from some employers about hiring people with disabilities.


So when you have a successful business person like The Nail Hub owner in Castle Hill Ms T Dang, stating the importance of the role Jobfind plays in her business, its hard not to get excited about her commitment to Jobfind and giving people with a disability a go.


Employment consultant Eddie Goncalves said: “Ms Dang has been a client of mine over a fairly long period of time and not only is she a successful business woman who displays great entrepreneurial spirit, she is also very caring about her employees; in fact she runs a transport service from Castle Hill to Cabramatta so that her staff can get to and from work on a daily basis, stress free.


“She also informed me that she is keen to expand her business into other locations and is eager to pursue an exclusive arrangement with Jobfind for all her recruitment needs.”


Mrs Dang said: “I appreciate how hard Eddie works to ensure I get the best possible staff for my business, he is very committed and as I expand and grow my business, it’s important to know that I have a strategic partner like Jobfind playing a crucial role with my workforce strategy; I’m very happy with the service they provide.”


So whilst Jobfind have been acknowledging some of our very inspirational job seekers recently, if there weren’t employers with Mrs Dang’s attitude it would be a difficult ‘road’ for our job seekers and those who assist them with their career aspirations.


Mrs Dang, Jobfind pays tribute to your commitment to diversity in the workforce and looks forward to playing an important role in the future success of The Nail Hub.


For further enquiries please call Scott Longmuir GM of Marketing, Media & Development on 0430 700 672.