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Through the hard work of the best people in the business, Jobfind has become an industry leader and employer of choice within the Employment Services industry. Our national footprint means we employ staff as diverse as the Australian landscape and we work together to help people in our local communities change their lives by gaining meaningful, rewarding and long lasting employment.

At Jobfind we have a winning culture and we do it while having fun.Our motto of ‘Great People Everywhere’ means that we recruit, train and retain the best staff in the business. And, with great people, we believe that Anything Is Possible.

In this section you’ll find lots of information about working at Jobfind including Position Descriptions, tips for applying, testimonials from current staff and some of the benefits you’ll receive when you come on board.

As we grow... you grow

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown significantly, both organically through winning multiple Australian Government tenders and numerous strategic acquisitions. This has strengthened our industry presence and brought a wealth of new experience and knowledge.

What we’re trying to say is that we’re growing and the future looks bright! And through this growth it’s our aim to foster existing talent and promote from within, meaning new opportunities will continue to arise as we continue to expand within the Employment Services industry. So as you can see, when we grow, you grow with us.


Our commitment to diversity

Jobfind is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and fosters diversity and cultural understanding in the workplace. In fact, the reason we have ‘great people everywhere’ is due to the diversity of our employees and the way they interact.

Jobfind prides itself on employing a diverse workforce that is representative of the demographics of our clients and stakeholders. That’s why when we’re looking to employ someone, we search high and low for the person who is culturally aware of the needs of our clients.

We encourage all sections of the community to apply for a position with us at Jobfind. In particular, we’re committed to providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with long-lasting employment, career development and training opportunities in supportive and culturally sensitive work environments. In 2011, Jobfind was recognised for this by being selected as a finalist for the [email protected] Award for Employment and Inclusion of Indigenous Australians.

So, no matter who you are, we welcome you here.

Benefits of working with Jobfind

Let’s set the record straight – there are two different kinds of benefits we’re talking about. Firstly, there are the benefits of witnessing first-hand the difference you can make to someone’s life. This is valuable and rewarding work – just ask our staff! We are an industry leader in Employment Services and the far-reaching effects of our work are felt in communities around Australia every day.

Secondly, there are a number of attractive benefits available to you when you work here at Jobfind. We’re one big happy family and we reward our staff in the following ways:

Career development

We believe strongly in developing and promoting staff from within. All new job opportunities are advertised internally and we encourage existing staff to apply. This proves that we truly believe that we have great people everywhere.

At Jobfind we have a significant track record for ‘home grown’ Team Leaders and Managers. As our company continues to grow, further opportunities will arise for people interested in management-level roles.

So if you’re interested in progressing your career, get on the fast track at Jobfind.

Training and professional development

At Jobfind we recognise the value and importance of continuous training and professional development for all our staff. In addition to being fully trained in their role, Jobfind staff are encouraged to undertake any education or training that would benefit their career. Our support of continued education can extend to:

  • Allowance for time off
  • Flexible working hours
  • Financial assistance
  • Salary sacrifice

In addition to external training courses, Jobfind staff are invited to undertake any of the 250 online courses available through LearnNow, our state-of-the-art training program. In recent times staff members seem to be flocking to these courses, the most popular ones being computer skills training, negotiation skills and time management.

Recognition & reward schemes

Top performers are recognised at Jobfind. After all, we believe that hard work should be rewarded. Jobfind has various incentive schemes throughout the year which are linked to the achievement of targets and KPIs at a team level.

Staff are eligible to access the incentive schemes following their probationary period and Business Managers will provide specific information to successful applicants.

Wellness package

We look after our great people here at Jobfind. We are actively committed to the health and well-being of our employees and have a number of programs in place to encourage this.

Healthy lifestyle allowance

We’re giving you $100. It’s as simple as that! Well ok, there is one condition- this annual allowance is to be used for activities or items which promote health and well-being. A lot of our staff use it for either sports shoes, gym or sporting memberships, health supplements, quit smoking programs or sports equipment.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting fit and healthy, let us give you a boost!

Influenza vaccinations

Around March each year (prior to the start of the ‘flu season’) all our employees are able to receive a free influenza vaccination. We’ll make that common cold not so common after all.

Wellbeing campaigns

Your physical and emotional wellbeing can often be improved by simply taking note of a few “good ideas”. That’s why Jobfind runs its year-round Wellbeing Campaigns to offer regular hints and tips for improving the wellbeing of all staff.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We want you to be healthy in body and mind. All Jobfind employees and their immediate families have access to a confidential and professional counseling service free of charge. The EAP offers initial counseling for a range of issues including stress, anxiety, family/relationship problems or grief. It also acts as a referral point to specialist services where required.

Our Managers are also able to access an additional service providing expert advice on staff and team management covering issues such as conflict resolution, debriefing and professional support.

Birthday and diversity leave

As you may have noticed we do things differently at Jobfind. Your personal life is a part of who you are and we realise that sometimes it needs to be acknowledged and not ignored.

In addition to standard leave entitlements our staff receive 2 extra days of leave:

Birthday leave – a stand-alone day of paid leave to celebrate your birthday
Diversity leave – a stand-alone day of paid leave to pursue interests of personal, cultural, family or religious significance.

Parental leave

We believe in putting family first and we stand by this claim. Jobfind staff are able to take up to 52 weeks of parental leave. This includes maternity leave, paternity leave and adoption leave. You can also request an additional 52 weeks of parental leave under the National Employment Standards and are able to discuss the option of flexible work arrangements, such as working on a part-time basis.

Under the new Australian Government Scheme, staff may be eligible for a maximum of 18 weeks paid leave at the Federal Minimum Wage rate. For more information visit the Family Assistance Office at http://www.familyassist.gov.au or refer to the ‘Maternity at Work’ booklet at http://www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au/biz_res/oirwww/pdfs/Maternity_at_Work.pdf.

Long service leave

At Jobfind we reward loyalty with 13 weeks of long service leave granted to our employees following 10 years of continuous service.

Salary and performance reviews

We pay attention to each and every one of our staff….and we want you to be great! At Jobfind we conduct annual salary and performance reviews to individually discuss the activities and achievements of a person and to reward high-performing staff.

So if you’ve reached all your targets and more, or if you’ve achieved something of great significance in your work life, expect to be noticed and rewarded.

Why work at jobfind?

Robert Howard | Activity Manager NT & QLD

Welcome to our organisation. I am Robert Howard and I commenced with Jobfind Centre Australia in early 2011 as an Employment Consultant based in Aurukun.  During two years of service in Aurukun, I was rewarded with the organisation’s National All Star Award. Hard work and determination over the years was acknowledged when I was promoted to Team Leader of the Western Tablelands in 2013. Highly motivated and well read on the new CDP contract, I was part of an organisational structure change, which had me promoted to Business Manager of Wellesley Islands and now the Western Tablelands. The advantage of working for such a professional organisation is that everyone wants to work for them. I have been lucky to be part of a team that is motivated, experienced, supportive and knowledgeable. A day in the life of a Jobfind staff member, is a day that is filled with excitement and new adventure. Knowing the success I have achieved in the years past, and understanding that any success I or any other staff member achieves within this organisation changes the life of people that may be less fortunate, is a reward in itself. As I write and review the time I have had thus far with Jobfind, I reflect on the names of those that have secured full-time employment, remained drug and alcohol free, or have achieved certified training when they could not read or write. These participants are the ones that inspire me. Knowing that these are the success stories that this organisation is built on, instils confidence in me that I will be with Jobfind for many years to come.

Our vision and values

Our vision

We are creating a truly great company, one with a clear vision, positive and engaging values and great leaders.

We will also provide our staff with roles that provide scope, accountability and challenge.

And why do we do all this? To change lives – to ultimately motivate, inspire and skill our job seekers to find meaningful work and a better future.

Our values

Integrity: We do what we say we we’ll do.

Teamwork: We work together. And that makes us stronger.

Leadership: We accept responsibility. We don’t pass the buck.

Performance: We stretch our capabilities. We reach for the sky.

Communication: We work with ‘open book’ management.

Passion and Commitment: We have a sense of purpose and a determination to succeed.

Diversity: We recognise that differing thoughts add to our collective capability.

Learning: We take ownership for our development.

Family and Community: We believe in the support of family and community.

Celebration: We celebrate and recognise individual, team and company success.

What role is right for you?

Jobfind has a variety of roles available across Australia for people interested in working in a team environment in the Employment Services industry.

Let’s have a brief look at the roles on offer…

Team Assistant

In this role you’ll coordinate and undertake administration functions for the Centre and be responsible for ensuring high-quality customer service for all clients. whilst supporting the Employment Consultants with participant provisions.

View the full Position Description

Recruitment Consultant

As a Recruitment Consultant you’ll actively engage local employers to register job vacancies and ‘reverse market’ suitable candidates into these positions. You’ll also assist candidates to prepare for the recruitment process and mentor them to ensure a job is secured.

View the full Position Description

Business Manager

As a Business Manager you’ll be responsible and accountable for the delivery of the Disability Employment Services (DES) contract or the Community Development Program (CDP) within a Centre. The role includes staff training and management, strategic planning within the local area, monitoring and achieving local budgets and ensuring contractual compliance.

View the full Position Description

Service Coordinator

As a Service Coordinator you’ll work with job seekers individually and in groups to develop Individual Pathway Plans (IPP), undertake training, identify and address barriers to employment and prepare them to re-enter the workforce. You’ll also work closely with the Community Development Officer and communities to ‘close the gap’. These roles tend to include remote travel and are not for the faint hearted.

View the full Position Description

Mentors and Supervisors

The role of the Mentor/Supervisor is to provide leadership and functional support to participants in the day to day delivery of the CDP in the community.

View the full Position Description

Ready4Work Facilitator

As a Ready4Work Facilitator you’ll activate and motivate participants by facilitating group sessions thereby enabling people to commit to a routine and become ‘job ready’.

View the full Position Description (link for Ready4Work page should go here)

Brief Intervention Counsellor

Assist job seekers to deal with personal problems or barriers through the delivery of assessment, planning, intervention and case management so that they can find solutions and participate in training and employment.

View the full Position Description

Senior Management Roles

Regional Manager

As a Regional Manager you’ll be responsible and accountable for the delivery of all contracts within your allocated Employment Service Areas. You’ll also be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Centres within your ESA.

General Manager

As a General Manager you’ll oversee and direct operational activities within your allocated regions and actively contribute to the strategic direction of the company.

Advisory and Development Teams

Jobfind has a number of advisory and development teams to support the activities at Centres around the country. These teams include:

Learning and Development Team Business Risk Team Work Experience Administration Team

Head Office

Our Head Office includes a number of departments which support business operations including:

Finance, Property and Facilities and Payroll IT&T Human Resources Marketing Business Analysis

Our recruitment process

At Jobfind we have a dedicated and professional in-house recruitment agency – our Human Resources team – who partner with local Managers. It’s their job to find great people everywhere. Our in-depth recruitment process ensures you have a full understanding of the role and have the opportunity to meet your future colleagues.

When it comes to finding the next great Jobfind team member we like to work in stages.

Stage 1: Send through an application

All our vacancies are advertised on www.seek.com.au. Applicants are encouraged to submit their resume along with a cover letter highlighting their skills and suitability for the role.

Stage 2: Let’s do a phone interview

If your application impresses, you may be asked to participate in a 10-20 minute phone interview with a member of our Human Resources team. During this interview you’ll be introduced to the role and asked a series of questions to match your skills, experience and attributes to the position requirements.

From this stage candidates will be shortlisted for an onsite interview and unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email or letter.

Stage 3: Let’s meet – the onsite interview

If we like what we heard, you’ll be invited for an onsite interview with 2 members of the Jobfind team (usually the Manager and another relevant stakeholder). The interview may last up to an hour and will further introduce you to the role and give you the opportunity to show your suitability through a range of activities such as case studies, role plays and experiential and behavioural-based questions.

For the interview you’ll be required to bring certain documentation with you including identification documents, copies of qualifications and, where relevant, documents certifying the right to work in Australia.

From here a preferred candidate will be shortlisted for job shadowing and unsuccessful candidates will be notified by phone.

Stage 4: Job Shadowing – See what it’s really like

In most cases, as a preferred candidate you’ll be invited back for a 1 – 2 hour job shadowing session. This session is designed to give you a hands-on understanding of the day-to-day realities of the role, meet future colleagues and ask questions about the role and working for Jobfind. During this session the Centre Manager will further assess your suitability for the role and see if you fit in with the existing team and culture of the Centre.

Stage 5: Checking you out – Reference and Suitability Checks

A member of the Human Resources team will contact you in order to seek and conduct 2 professional reference checks. Your referees should be line managers, preferably from the last 5 years. Your referees will be contacted by phone and asked a succinct series of questions to verify your experience and suitability for the role.

Where relevant, suitability checks will be undertaken to ensure you are able to work with children and/or vulnerable people.

Stage 6: Formal job offer – you’ve done it!

A member of the Human Resources team will make you a formal job offer, provide you with a contract and answer any final questions you have about working for Jobfind. They will also confirm your starting date.

Stage 7: Welcome to Jobfind – induction and starting work

You may have the opportunity to undertake some of your induction training prior to your first day (there is an incentive available for this work which your HR consultant will discuss with you). During your first days and weeks you will be partnered with a ‘buddy’ and participate in an induction program overseen by your new Manager.

Current job vacancies

Are you someone who believes that Anything Is Possible? If so, you might be a good fit for the team at Jobfind.

Jobfind lists all its vacancies Australia-wide on smLogo_seek

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