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Through the hard work of the best people in the business, Jobfind has become an industry leader and employer of choice within the Disability Employment Services industry. We employ staff as diverse as the Australian landscape and we work together to help people in our local communities change their lives by gaining meaningful, rewarding and long lasting employment.

At Jobfind we have a winning culture and we do it while having fun. Our motto of ‘Great People Everywhere’ means that we recruit, train and retain the best staff in the business. And, with great people, we believe that Anything Is Possible.

As we grow... you grow

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown significantly, both organically through winning multiple Australian Government tenders and numerous strategic acquisitions. This has strengthened our industry presence and brought a wealth of new experience and knowledge.

What we’re trying to say is that we’re growing and the future looks bright! And through this growth it’s our aim to foster existing talent and promote from within, meaning new opportunities will continue to arise as we continue to expand within the Employment Services industry. So as you can see, when we grow, you grow with us.

Our commitment to diversity

Jobfind is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and fosters diversity and cultural understanding in the workplace. In fact, the reason we have ‘great people everywhere’ is due to the diversity of our employees and the way they interact.

Jobfind prides itself on employing a diverse workforce that is representative of the demographics of our clients and stakeholders. That’s why when we’re looking to employ someone, we search high and low for the person who is culturally aware of the needs of our clients.

We encourage all sections of the community to apply for a position with us at Jobfind. In particular, we’re committed to providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with long-lasting employment, career development and training opportunities in supportive and culturally sensitive work environments. In 2011, Jobfind is recognised for this by being selected as a finalist for the [email protected] Award for Employment and Inclusion of Indigenous Australians.

Benefits of working with Jobfind

Let’s set the record straight – there are two different kinds of benefits we’re talking about. Firstly, there are the benefits of witnessing first-hand the difference you can make to someone’s life. This is valuable and rewarding work – just ask our staff! We are an industry leader in Employment Services and the far-reaching effects of our work are felt in communities around Australia every day.

Secondly, there are a number of attractive benefits available to you when you work here at Jobfind. We’re one big happy family and we reward our staff in the following ways:

Career development

We believe strongly in developing and promoting staff from within. All new job opportunities are advertised internally and we encourage existing staff to apply. This proves that we truly believe that we have great people everywhere.

At Jobfind we have a significant track record for ‘home grown’ Team Leaders and Managers. As our company continues to grow, further opportunities will arise for people interested in management-level roles.

So if you’re interested in progressing your career, get on the fast track at Jobfind.

Training and professional development

At Jobfind we recognise the value and importance of continuous training and professional development for all our staff. In addition to being fully trained in their role, Jobfind staff are encouraged to undertake any education or training that would benefit their career.

Recognition & reward schemes

Top performers are recognised at Jobfind. After all, we believe that hard work should be rewarded. Jobfind has various incentive schemes throughout the year which are linked to the achievement of targets and KPIs at a team level.

Wellness package

We look after our great people here at Jobfind. We are actively committed to the health and well-being of our employees and have a number of programs in place to encourage this.



Birthday and diversity leave

As you may have noticed we do things differently at Jobfind. Your personal life is a part of who you are and we realise that sometimes it needs to be acknowledged and not ignored.

In addition to standard leave entitlements our staff receive 2 extra days of leave:

Birthday leave – a stand-alone day of paid leave to celebrate your birthday
Diversity leave – a stand-alone day of paid leave to pursue interests of personal, cultural, family or religious significance.


Robert Howard | State Manager QLD

Welcome to our organisation. I am Robert Howard and I commenced with Jobfind Centre Australia in early 2011 as an Employment Consultant based in Aurukun.  During two years of service in Aurukun, I was rewarded with the organisation’s National All Star Award. Hard work and determination over the years was acknowledged when I was promoted to Team Leader of the Western Tablelands in 2013. Highly motivated and well read on the new CDP contract, I was part of an organisational structure change, which had me promoted to Business Manager of Wellesley Islands and now the Western Tablelands. The advantage of working for such a professional organisation is that everyone wants to work for them. I have been lucky to be part of a team that is motivated, experienced, supportive and knowledgeable. A day in the life of a Jobfind staff member, is a day that is filled with excitement and new adventure. Knowing the success I have achieved in the years past, and understanding that any success I or any other staff member achieves within this organisation changes the life of people that may be less fortunate, is a reward in itself. As I write and review the time I have had thus far with Jobfind, I reflect on the names of those that have secured full-time employment, remained drug and alcohol free, or have achieved certified training when they could not read or write. These participants are the ones that inspire me. Knowing that these are the success stories that this organisation is built on, instils confidence in me that I will be with Jobfind for many years to come.

Our values


Our values

Integrity: We do what we say we we’ll do.

Teamwork: We work together. And that makes us stronger.

Leadership: We accept responsibility. We don’t pass the buck.

Performance: We stretch our capabilities. We reach for the sky.

Communication: We work with ‘open book’ management.

Passion and Commitment: We have a sense of purpose and a determination to succeed.

Diversity: We recognise that differing thoughts add to our collective capability.

Learning: We take ownership for our development.

Family and Community: We believe in the support of family and community.

Celebration: We celebrate and recognise individual, team and company success.

Our recruitment process

At Jobfind we have a dedicated and professional in-house recruitment team – our Human Resources team – who partner with local Managers. It’s their job to find great people everywhere. Our in-depth recruitment process ensures you have a full understanding of the role and have the opportunity to meet your future colleagues.

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