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Community services links

Below are a number of links to Government and community services organisations that you may find useful:


Disability Employment Services
National Disability Services
Department of Employment
Department of Education
Department of Social Services
NSW Government: Ageing, Disability and Home Care
Australian Human Rights Commission
Australian Government – People with Disabilities
National Disability Administrators (NDA)
Disability Information Services QLD
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)


Reconciliation Australia
Indigenous Jobs Australia
Koori Mail
National Indigenous Times
Aboriginal Hostels Limited

Physical disabilities

Paraplegic & Quadraplegic Association of NSW
Post-Polio Network (NSW)
Cerebral Palsy Alliance (formerly The Spastic Centre)
Spinal Cord Injury Australia

Vision and hearing impaired

Blind Citizens Australia
Vision Australia
Guide Dogs Australia
Guide Dogs NSW
Deaf Australia
Deaf Society of NSW

Intellectual disabilities and mental health issues

NSW Council for Intellectual Disability
Autistic Spectrum Australia
Brain Injury Association of NSW
Speech Pathology Australia
Down Syndrome NSW

Information for carers

Carers National
Carers NSW
Carers QLD
Young Carers

Transport and housing

Community Transport Australia wide
Association of Consultants in Access Australia
Australian Network for Universal Housing Design
Housing NSW
Housing QLD
NSW Home Modification and Maintenance Services (HMMS)

Advocacy & human rights

Aboriginal Disability Network (ADN)

Advocacy Tasmania

Australian Centre for Disability Law
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)
Australian Network on Disability
Disability & Aged Information Service
Complaints, Resolution and Referral Service
Disability Advocacy Alice Springs NT
Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)
Human Rights Council of Australia
Indigenous Disability Advocacy Service (IDAS)
Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association (MDAA)
National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline
National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA)
National Disability Services NSW
Physical Disability Australia (PDA)
Physical Disability Council of NSW (PDCN)
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI)
Queenslanders with Disabilities
Women with Disability Australia (WWDA)


Wollongong Jobseeker of the week – Alafita Faletoese

August 11th, 2017

Alafita Faletoese, a registered nurse, met with her Employment Consultant Christina Armstrong 6 weeks ago. She stated she previously had a severe case of tendonitis in her wrist which has now healed and that she had not worked for over 18 months. She presented with anxiety issues, negative behaviour and low self-esteem about getting back into the workforce.


By building up her self-esteem and with support from her consultant during weekly appointments, and being part of our JOBFIND Club, her consultant was able help Alafita realise she has a rewarding career ahead of her. This helped Alafita to present herself with a more positive attitude and enthusiasm during her interviews with employers. As a result, Alafita now has a contract with Griffith Hospital as a registered nurse in Griffith, NSW!


We have to remember when people have been out of the workforce and have had an injury, it can be a scary thing to go back into the workforce. Alafita started believing in herself and this changed her life.


We as consultants can turn this around with strong support and encouragement by helping participants to grow their self-belief.


Jobfind Centre

Jobfind Centre