With support from Jobfind, Belinda is ready to take on the world

May 1st, 2017
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Belinda Purdon credited working with the Jobfind team in Wollongong for providing her with the tools needed to find a job and just as importantly the confidence to pursue her dream career.


“The Jobfind team has instilled a sense of belief into me,” said Belinda. “I intend to use my new skills through the training I’ve received to build a career so I can continue to improve the quality of my life.”


Jobfind Wollongong Employment Consultant, Robbie Hayman was ecstatic to report Belinda was now in a position to forge a career.


“Belinda is now working in a steady job, she’s completing a TAFE course in hospitality and is eager to build a hospitality career,” he said.


“Belinda utilises a goal setting mentality. That means she sets herself small goals to achieve greater success in her personal life and professional career.”


Belinda revealed having part-time work and new found skills had put her frame of mind where she’s ready to take on the world.


“Jobfind has helped me so much,” she said.


“If something bad happens I stay positive and look at the bigger picture which keeps me in a positive mind state. I’m working toward my goal of full time employment in the hospitality industry which is my passion.”


Jobfind is proud to announce Belinda Purdon is our Job seeker of the week and would encourage businesses in hospitality, especially in the Wollongong area to contact Jobfind with any employment opportunities.


 For Further enquiries contact Reshmi Lal on 02 9259 5555.


NOTES TO EDITORS: About Jobfind Centres Australia Pty Ltd


Jobfind is a division of the Angus Knight group of companies, an Australian-owned organisation with a proven, decade-long record of providing quality employment and training services. Jobfind has placed many thousands of people into jobs since its inception. For more information on Jobfind and the Angus Knight Group, please visit www.angusknight.com.au


Wollongong Jobseeker of the week – Alafita Faletoese

August 11th, 2017

Alafita Faletoese, a registered nurse, met with her Employment Consultant Christina Armstrong 6 weeks ago. She stated she previously had a severe case of tendonitis in her wrist which has now healed and that she had not worked for over 18 months. She presented with anxiety issues, negative behaviour and low self-esteem about getting back into the workforce.


By building up her self-esteem and with support from her consultant during weekly appointments, and being part of our JOBFIND Club, her consultant was able help Alafita realise she has a rewarding career ahead of her. This helped Alafita to present herself with a more positive attitude and enthusiasm during her interviews with employers. As a result, Alafita now has a contract with Griffith Hospital as a registered nurse in Griffith, NSW!


We have to remember when people have been out of the workforce and have had an injury, it can be a scary thing to go back into the workforce. Alafita started believing in herself and this changed her life.


We as consultants can turn this around with strong support and encouragement by helping participants to grow their self-belief.


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