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What can we offer you?

  • Friendly and experienced consultants and mentors who are focused on working with you to build your pathway to meaningful employment.
  • Help preparing a resume and easy-to-follow coaching to build up your confidence and improve your interview skills.
  • Access to programs identifying your strengths and the jobs that suit you.
  • Use of the facilities in our centre including phone, fax, computer, internet, email and newspapers.
  • Access to a wide range of training programs including online, face to face skills training and accredited courses that are developed by companies who are the best in the business.
  • The opportunity to take part in Work Experience with local businesses to help you gain on-the-job skills.
  • Employment services consultants who will market you to prospective employers.
  • Regular contact and support once you get that dream job.

Education and training

At Jobfind we have a saying: Anything is Possible. Actually, it’s more than a saying, it’s something we live by. With the range of quality training and education courses that we offer you, anything really is possible when it comes to finding that great job.

We are a proud leader in the development of easy-to-use computer-based training for our participants Australia-wide.

Why are we proud of this? Simply because it allows those looking for a job to gain the additional skills needed to find, get and keep that job. In many cases, the training is delivered in a “blended learning” environment with qualified trainers and mentors working side-by-side with you to make the journey more personal, fun, satisfying and successful. Also, these courses are developed by award-winning specialists who are widely known as the best in the business.

Finally, we thought we should mention the cost to you of most of this training and education. NOTHING! That’s right, our state-of-the-art online courses are at no cost for eligible job seekers. That’s just one more thing Jobfind is doing to make sure you get the job.

You don’t have to do this on your own

One of our main focuses is making sure you’re ready to work. And to do that we offer you all kinds of training and support along the way. We have a range of programs available to help you increase your skills and find the job that’s right for you. Our friendly and highly experienced consultants work with you one-on-one and in groups to give you the best chance of finding a long lasting job.

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Some of the training programs we offer:


Ready4Work is Jobfind’s own employment preparation program delivered to our locations around the country. The program can be individually tailored to the needs of those using it, meaning you’ll receive the skills and assistance you need to become, you guessed it, ‘Ready4Work.’

How it works

Ready4Work is run in fun and dynamic group sessions by an experienced facilitator. This same facilitator will also meet with you one-on-one to work on a plan that ensures you get the help and assistance needed to become ‘job ready’. Ready4Work activities focus on increasing motivation, routine, participation and confidence. Ready4Work is very flexible and is never the same in 2 different sessions or areas. Remember, this isn’t school, it’s a method of ensuring you’re ready to secure that great job.


Ready2Go is an offshoot of Ready4Work which helps you identify issues in your current circumstances and then find the solutions and support available to you. These courses provide practical advice to help you overcome any barriers and get on with life and work.

Helping in any way we can

We understand that there may be things going on in your life that have nothing to do with work. Certain issues that may stop you in your tracks, on the way to getting a great job. Ready2Go is a program developed to help job seekers identify and address ‘roadblocks’ to employment. Ready2Go courses focus on building or improving life skills to bring you closer to looking for, getting and keeping a job.

How it works

There are a few different courses that you can complete at your local Jobfind Centre with an experienced facilitator. Our skilled facilitators will help you work through and complete the courses, which are chosen with your circumstances and goals in mind. Some of the areas you can focus on include:
Accessing Community Services: choosing and accessing suitable community services.
Accommodation: understanding, accessing and maintaining accommodation.
Positive Parenting: promoting parental confidence and helping develop skills to deal with challenging behaviour.
Personal Awareness and Self Discovery: building self-esteem and learning to value individual qualities.
Dealing with Stress: developing awareness and strategies to manage personal stress, anger and frustration.


JobsNOW is a ‘skills profiler’ which creates a snapshot of your strengths and can suggest the jobs and industries that may suit you. By recording your current skills, qualifications and licences, your Jobfind consultant will be able to match you to current vacancies available. You will also receive a report highlighting any training gaps which Jobfind can then help you fill to give you the best chance of gaining the right job.

Group activities

Each week we run a series of group activities tailored to the needs of job seekers and opportunities in the local community. You will get hands-on practice at resume writing, interview techniques and much more.

External training

To help you increase your skills and find the job that’s right for you, Jobfind can help you arrange and enrol in external education courses or accredited training. We have a great relationship with TAFE, local community colleges and Registered Training Organisations where you can gain further education.

Your Jobfind consultant will discuss with you the best training options for you to achieve your employment goals.


LearnNow is Jobfind’s training platform providing prevocational, vocational and online and distance training to support learning needs. You can use LearnNow to increase your skills at a time and place that is convenient to you. How’s that possible? Well, courses are accessible from any internet-connected computer, meaning you can complete them at a Jobfind Centre, at home, a local library, a community centre or an internet café.

LearnNow courses are at no cost to eligible job seekers registered with Jobfind and are available for up to 6 months after you find a job.

With Jobfind, online education has never been so easy.


Budda-Jitja is the first pre-employment training program designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people. It’s made up of 14 modules focusing on the real, practical skills you need for entering the workforce.

For more information CLICK HERE

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life gives you the opportunity to ‘sample’ different jobs in different industries, to get an idea of what’s involved in a regular working day. Each module gives you insight into different industries including common terminology, standard work environments and the tasks that make up the job.

For more information CLICK HERE

Not ready to work just yet?

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Work experience


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