Groote Eylandt’s new Youth Mentor boosts indigenous engagement

June 21st, 2012
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Jobfind’s recently appointed Youth Mentor and Groote Eylandt local, Dayne, is inspiring local youths to get involved in Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) – boosting participation rates and gaining the attention and support of local government members.

It is often difficult for CDEP providers to engage youths in remote communities, particularly young men who often feel that they do not fit in with the older participants. So when a staff vacancy arose at Jobfind CDEP on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory, the team took a chance on twenty-one year old local Dayne. With strong connections to the community’s youths through school and local football teams, Dayne enthusiastically jumped straight into the role.

“So far, he’s motivated a number of young men to join him on a range of activities from working to maintain the grounds of the local training centre and police station, to making spears and woomeras and going on hunting and fishing trips each Friday”, said Rod Cordell, Manager of Jobfind CDEP on Groote Eylandt. “He has already proven to be a great asset to the Jobfind team and we love having him on board.”

Jobfind’s Groote Eylandt CDEP team and participants were treated to a surprise visit by the Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson and local member Malindiri McCarthy recently. Both remarked how impressed they were by the nursery and gardening activities, as well as the CDEP mechanical workshop.

“Even though we weren’t officially on their itinerary, they ended up spending close to an hour and a half chatting with our participants”, said Simon Rodgers, General Manager of Jobfind’s CDEP Operations. “You could really tell how much the participants appreciated the level of interest being shown in the work that they do to develop their local community.”

Dayne’s group going crabbing with spears and woomeras they made

Above: Dayne’s group going crabbing with spears and woomeras they made.


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Wollongong Jobseeker of the week – Alafita Faletoese

August 11th, 2017

Alafita Faletoese, a registered nurse, met with her Employment Consultant Christina Armstrong 6 weeks ago. She stated she previously had a severe case of tendonitis in her wrist which has now healed and that she had not worked for over 18 months. She presented with anxiety issues, negative behaviour and low self-esteem about getting back into the workforce.


By building up her self-esteem and with support from her consultant during weekly appointments, and being part of our JOBFIND Club, her consultant was able help Alafita realise she has a rewarding career ahead of her. This helped Alafita to present herself with a more positive attitude and enthusiasm during her interviews with employers. As a result, Alafita now has a contract with Griffith Hospital as a registered nurse in Griffith, NSW!


We have to remember when people have been out of the workforce and have had an injury, it can be a scary thing to go back into the workforce. Alafita started believing in herself and this changed her life.


We as consultants can turn this around with strong support and encouragement by helping participants to grow their self-belief.


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