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Jobfind is a leading provider of employment, training, recruitment and post-employment services in Australia. Jobfind was established in 1998 and has provided jobseekers with a variety of Government Employment Programs, having placed over half a million job seekers all over Australia with thousands of employers, both large and small.

Jobfind Centre Australia delivers Disability Employment Services (DES) across 5 locations in NSW (Wollongong, Warilla, Dapto, Fairfield and Cabramatta). Through the DES program, we provide streamlined services for job seekers with a disability. Dedicated consultants work individually with clients focusing on skills development and training whilst engaging with local employers to proactively seek employment opportunities, particularly in local skill-shortage industries.

Duncan James Angus

Founder and Director

Duncan entered the hospitality industry in 1985, serving in a number of managerial capacities and later focusing on recruitment services to the industry. In 1991, Duncan as one of the founders, setup Angus Knight as a training services company, which successfully expanded operations throughout Australia, delivering training programs in every State.

In 1998, Duncan led Angus Knight in a successful bid for the Federal Government’s Employment Services Contract. Duncan continued to lead the Group up until early 2000, when a professional executive team was appointed to lead the company through the next phase of growth.

Duncan’s vision has always been to assist people and organisations in developing their full potential using the concept of ‘lifelong learning.’

Michael Hobday

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Hobday has 25 years experience in the Commonwealth and QLD state governments and 15 years as a CEO in the human services industry. Michael has been at the forefront of business performance and policy development at an international and national level and prides himself on the philosophy of “helping to build stronger communities”.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate qualifications in Industrial Relations and Marketing.

Stephen Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Mr Moore has 30 years’ experience working within the Commonwealth Government, the last 24 years of which saw him leading IT and information teams in employment services, within the Department of Employment.

Notably, Mr Moore set up the first outsourcing program for employment services within the Commonwealth Government, and more recently delivered the necessary IT solutions that support the government’s jobactive, Disability Employment Services and Community Development Program.

Mr Moore holds advanced qualifications in economics (econometrics and quantitative economics) and is currently an Adjunct Professor in Information Systems at the University of Canberra.

Wendy Young

General Manager – Disability Employment Service

Wendy has more than 13 years management experience and over 20 years’ experience in the Employment Services industry. Prior to joining Jobfind in 2003 she worked with the Commonwealth Government, Employment National, Wesley Mission and Work Directions. She has developed an in-depth knowledge of employment services and a high level of contractual expertise.

She is passionate about developing staff to reach their full potential and building dynamic teams to deliver the services associated with helping people with disability achieve their goal. Wendy has a strong commitment to helping unemployed people find sustainable work and has seen firsthand the transformation of many individuals over her career.

As General Manager of our Disability Employment Services for Jobfind, she is responsible for leading the teams across Sydney and Wollongong ESA’s.

Jobfind Centre Australia was established in 1998, into a rather large family that was then called the Job Network, the replacement of the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Employment Services (CES) in 2009, the Job Network program was replaced by Job Services Australia, of which we were one of the largest providers in the country with a range of pre-employment training, recruitment and post-employment services under contract with the Department of Employment. But the most important detail in our history is that, since 1998, we have improved the quality of life for over 500,000 job seekers by matching them with local businesses, thereby driving down the social and economic costs of unemployment across Australia. And, as a result of this, we have then helped tens of thousands of local businesses by providing them with quality people. No one understands the employment services industry like we do. Having had over a decade of experience has also allowed us to perfect our Education and Training solutions, readying those who lack the skills for the workplace. At Jobfind we also address and overcome traditional barriers to training and employment such as distance, language and technology skills.

Jobfind is a division of the Angus Knight Group, a privately-owned Australian company. Read more about AK

In 2010 the Australian Government launched the Disability Employment Services (DES) as its new national employment services system for people with a disability. DES focuses on immediate and tailored services for individuals, their families, carers and employers. Through the DES program, we provide streamlined services to job seekers with a disability. Dedicated consultants work individually with clients focusing on skills development and training whilst engaging with local employers to proactively seek employment opportunities, particularly in local skill-shortage industries.

How to Register

If you are receiving a Disability Support Pension, you can volunteer to participate in DES services. You can request Centrelink to refer you to a DES provider or contact a DES provider to register directly. If you are a person receiving a Centrelink benefit and feel you would benefit from DES services, simply contact Centrelink to discuss the possibility of a referral to the Disability Employment Services Program. For more information on our DES services please contact us on 1300JOBFIND.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility at Jobfind is a simple one, and sits under the strategy adopted by the wider Angus Knight Group.

It is only by fully integrating corporate responsibility into the way we do business that we can sustainably enhance our brand equity and stakeholder value. For us corporate responsibility means conducting our business so that we meet our financial, social and environmental responsibilities in an aligned way. At its core, it’s about having a set of core values and behaviours that underpin our everyday activities:

Treatment of our people

Supporting, encouraging and empowering our staff to learn and grow.

Attitudes to and treatment of clients

Putting people at the centre of everything we do, and treating all with dignity and respect.

Links within the community

Collaborating with our communities and organisations to create opportunity and strengthen capacity.

An element of our ‘corporate social investment’ is our charitable activities. In 2014 we will be supporting two organisations whose values align closely with ours.

1) Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF). ALNF is dedicated to raising language, literacy and numeracy standards in Australia and raises funds to develop, implement and sustain innovative projects for individuals, families and communities. They have been in operation as an official charity since 1998 with the aim of closing the literacy gap in Indigenous and migrant populations. ALNF works closely with a number of large organisations, Department of Employment, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and other government representatives.

2) The Aurora Project

The Aurora Project aims to strengthen Indigenous organisations by supporting their staff and facilitating opportunities for all Australians to work. They also run projects aimed at improving educational outcomes for Indigenous Australians, by focussing on excellence in education. In 2014, we are supporting their work on The Aspiration Initiative (TAI). TAI aims to ‘increase opportunities and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, helping to ensure they realise their potential at school, university and beyond’. As well as academic excellence, there is a focus on strengthening identity and resilience, and creating a group of students who will support each other through school and further education for the 5½ year duration of the program. For more information on our CSR program please contact the Marketing Manager for the Angus Knight Group on 02 9259 5555 or [email protected].


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