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At Jobfind we have a saying: Anything is Possible. Actually, it’s more than a saying, it’s something we live by. With the range of quality training and education courses that we offer you, anything really is possible when it comes to finding that great job.

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Over the past decade we have worked with thousands of businesses in every corner of Australia, helping them recruit anywhere from between 1 to 100 new staff each! At Jobfind, we’re a one-stop-shop at no cost to you delivering customised training and recruitment services.


Wollongong Jobseeker of the week – Alafita Faletoese

Alafita Faletoese, a registered nurse, met with her Employment Consultant Christina Armstrong 6 weeks ago. She stated she previously had a severe case of tendonitis in her wrist which has now healed and that she had not worked for over 18 months. She presented with anxiety issues, negative behaviour and low self-esteem about getting back…

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I think Jobfind’s service is very good. They find staff for us in a way we quite like. Even for casual employees, Jobfind can send candidates to us very quickly. Jobfind has been very helpful and we are happy with it.

C & A Homewares

Jobfind staff are very efficient and effective in what they do. They always keep me updated and follow up on payments very well.

Owner of Richmond Hotel

Jobfind staff are very helpful. Its [Jobfind’s] wage subsidy system is especially beneficial for us.

Lucas Gilbert

The staff of our local Jobfind, as opposed to some other providers, take care to understand the business and the impact on their selection strategy. They spend more time ensuring a good job fit during the selection process, and on that basis I would be very happy to continue using their services.

Bob Howarth
Human Resources Manager

We really like Jobfind’s service. Jobfind has sent suitable people to our business.

A representative from Trend Windows

Jobfind sent us a few candidates last year. After interviewing them, we found they were exactly what we were looking for. They met the criteria very well and we were very happy with them.

Port Macquarie Golf Club

The Jobfind team took time to understand my recruitment needs and worked with me to find the best candidates to suit my recruitment needs.  The team are very professional, and nothing was ever too much trouble.

Andrew Daff

I found Jobfind very professional and efficient in sourcing staff and in their administration of wage subsidies.



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5 Tips to Help Keep Yourself Motivated While Hunting for a Job

Trawl the job boards, click to ‘connect’ on LinkedIn, check the ‘thanks, but no thanks’ emails in your inbox; rinse and repeat. For those who are familiar with it, job hunting can be as close to banging your head against a brick wall as you can get without actually banging your head against a brick…

Why Do We Put Such a Focus on Our Participants Here at Jobfind Centre?

At Jobfind Centre our focus has always been – and will continue to be – on getting the best outcomes for our participants. Rather than simply treating you as a number, we take the time to learn about your current situation and your hopes and dreams. We want what’s best for you, and know that…